New Gnarly…new ‘toon…

New Gnarly…new ‘toon…

Hey there faithful reader…it’s been a minute or so since we last spoke. How ya doin’? All good here I reckon. The holi-daze season has come and gone. Food was eaten, gifts were given (and received), and the jury’s still out about those pesky resolutions. My family is amazing and, as far as I know, none of my friends are in jail…so by and large life is good.

The Winter 2018 issue of Gnarly Magazine┬áis out! Once again yours truly graces(?) it’s pages with a little Lowbrow Cartoonery. I’d like to thank Johnny VonGriz (I wonder, is there a long line of VonGrizzes? Is it an old world name? Was there a Baron VonGriz…maybe there should be, I dunno) for letting me in. As per usual I had fun doing this piece. It’s a bludgeoningly obvious mash-up…but still fun. Meh. I’m rambling.


Alrighty then. You’ve seen it. It’s done. Can’t see the next one till March or something I think. I suppose I oughta get it done. I’m twirling about the idea of trying to get more work done in general, I suspect it would be good for my overall mental health landscape…so that can’t be bad. Maybe I’ll make that a resolution. It’s gotta work better than mainlining Slim Fast and strapping myself to some sort of elliptical, spinning, “works in just 14 minutes a day” instrument of perpetual misery (aka future paper weight/place to hang laundry)…or not.

Click on the “Contact” button. Hire me to draw something. Let’s all hope 2018 kicks 2017 in it’s tender bits.

Have Fun!

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