Thursday Doodle, “Skelly”…

I wanted to do some doodling today. I wanted to come up with some sorta new character.

As blue line hit paper this is what was left…


© Mike Moore Studios 2014

A Skeleton Superhero type guy came about. Cool enough…just doodling. He got inked up and scanned into the compubox…


© Mike Moore Studios 2014

Cleaned him up, nicknamed him “Skelly” (don’t know why and it probably won’t stick if this guy gets developed any further), and threw some Photoshop coloring on him.


© Mike Moore Studios 2014

Decided to keep pushing it a little more…


© Mike Moore Studios 2014

Had fun with it. May push this character idea and try the Illustrator type rendering I’ve been playing with lately. Dunno.

Have Fun!

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